by Gojitaka
Hullo MARx readers,

My recovery went well and I am *mostly* back to normal.
Going forward, due to what looks to remain a consistent daily work load and time restraints, I'm going to have to adjust MARx's release schedule for the foreseeable future.  A new issue will now be released every Saturday evening.  Hopefully this schedule will avoid further pauses when I have busy weeks, and we can keep the comic rolling out at a steady pace.  Series 7 resumes release starting today.    

Thank you and as always, stay tuned for more,
- Goji

9/13/20 - FALL PAUSE

by Gojitaka
Y hulo thar MARx readers,

Around now was when I was planning to return MARx to its normal production schedule, but the hits just keep coming.  Recently I had a pretty serious health scare and ended up having to go into emergency surgery.  Everything is fine now and I am okay.  I am going to have a recovery period for the remainder of September, which will affect work among other things.
MARx will be going on another hiatus during this time, and once I resume production I'm going to need to rebuild my buffer prior to resuming a regular release schedule.  My target date to resume release is mid-October.

Thank you to my continued readers and new subscribers!
Stay tuned for more,
- Goji


by Gojitaka
Hullo thar MARx readers,

MARx will be going on a slowdown for the remainder of July and likely August as well.  My work has picked up for the summer and I have much less time for content production, so I plan to focus the month on buffer buildup when I can.  A new issue will still be released every other Friday, and come September we will return to the regular weekday releases.

Stay tuned and stay healthy!
- Goji

5/25/20 - SUMMER 2020 MARx UPDATE

by Gojitaka
Hello all, hope you are enjoying MARx.  Couple of minor updates for the comic as we look ahead to the remainder of the year.

Summer is usually my busiest work season of the year and I normally do not work on any creative tasks during that time, but due to our unfortunate current events this season will be very light for me.  Thus, MARx will continue through the summer at its current schedule of 4-5 weekday updates at midnight.  We have an animated issue coming up very soon, and I am strongly considering increasing the frequency of illustrated issues.  Series 7 is on track to begin around mid-June, and we should be sitting around 200 completed issues by the time that one wraps up.  I am very glad the comic has continued for this long, and I look forward to continuing the story.

On the topic of story, I have had a couple questions recently regarding storyline connections between MARx and MA Classic.  Specifically about whether or not MARx is going to be retelling any of the same sequences that were in MA Classic.  Besides occasional "visual nods" and some similar lines here and there, MARx's storyline has very much been its own unique thing from the beginning and will not really be repeating anything that was seen in MA Classic.  This was the intent from early on in the comic's creation, and the main reason why I chose to add the subtitle "Redux."  It's presenting something familiar (reinvented main characters) in a new way (brand new story.)  So no, apart from minor nods, lines, or beats here and there, MARx is not retelling anything seen already.  It is on its own path, as Series 5 & 6 have emphasized recently.

Thank you to my continued readers, as well as my new recent subscribers!
Stay tuned for more, and stay healthy.

- Goji

4/22/20 - APRIL PAUSE

by Gojitaka
Hello all, hope you are enjoying MARx, I sure have had a blast making it recently.
Going to take a short hiatus for the remainder of April, and Series 6 will resume release on May 1.

Stay safe and healthy and see you all soon!

1/15/20 - Activate Awesomeness

by Gojitaka
MARx resumes production today.  Equipment and program tools are solid and all set, so we are now ready to rock.  No update schedule at the moment, if I can get a buffer of completed issues stocked up, then it will be daily Mon-Fri.  But I do have a limited amount of time daily to put towards content production, so we'll see how it goes.

Also, Issue 4.93 is animated, will be out tomorrow, and there will be a YouTube version available as well.
Also some minor graphical changes and updates to the Cast page are incoming.

Stay tuneds!

1/4/20 - Minor Delay

by Gojitaka
MARx is going on a short break while I adjust a couple of production methods as well as equipment.  Should be back in production by mid-January with a more consistent output rate.

See you soon!

12/26/19 - Update

by Gojitaka
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday.

MARx recently restarted and I was only able to complete 5 new issues and a holiday special, before I got hit with a lovely illness that really knocked me out for a few days... of course.  But I'm slowly getting back to my rhythm, the next issue is illustrated so a little while longer and that'll be out.  I also did some graphical revisions, mainly to the reINTRO section, and I'm creating YouTube versions of the animated issues for those who can no longer view flash, which will be linked on each of the animated comic pages.  And looks like I'll be able to create new animations for future issues, but they will continue to be short quips until I get familiar with the programs again.

Stay tuned for more!

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