Blog - 3/1/16 - MARx Production Notes

3/1/16 - MARx Production Notes

by Gojitaka

Ohayo readers!

Hope you are enjoying Mobius Adventures Redux so far, I sure have had a blast making it.  You will be seeing the illustrated and animated issues very soon!

Now for those familiar with MA Classic, you will notice that although MARx is similar in spirit, there are some major changes, and there will be more changes coming as the comic branches out and does its own thing:

Character names, for the majority, are updated into proper Japanese names.  For example, Taka Classic's full name was actually "Gojitaka" (lol, lawd... I dunno sometimes what I was doing back then) wheras in Redux it is Takahiro.  Characters have been seriously shuffled, Takahiro Kumishiro is mostly the same but more mature and direct than Taka Classic.  Sayuri Ayohara is a new version of Sakura from MA, with several aspects of her personality such as that sadistic streak being explored more.  Nobuyuki Watanabe is a fully revamped version of Ashadonic, nearly a whole new character save for some similar personality traits.  The biggest change is that Reina Okashi is the Redux version of Red, obviously gender swapped and with a major personality change.  Certain interactions will be kept similar to how Red's were in MA, but this change is going to lead to a wholly different character dynamic.

While MA Classic was an event driven comic (Brotherhood's Attacks, The Paradox, etc.), MARx is an interaction driven comic, and the focus is going to remain on the four lead characters.  Other MA Classic characters will appear in new forms/roles, just as Trance was changed to Teru Makino in MARx Series 1, but they will all remain in secondary roles.  And a heads up, there is also going to be some risque and adult content in the comic, though the two things you will not see are graphic/detailed nudity/sex and F-bombs.  Everything else, you can probably expect at some point, especially in the illustrated issues.

Series will not have a set length, they will end when I feel they've played out and it's time to move on.  Average so far has been 25 issues per Series, but we'll see how it evolves.

Thanks to AkumaTH at MGcomics for the recent mention of MARx, he was a big influence in starting MA Classic, and it's good to see him still in production 10 years later.

Update schedule is currently Monday through Friday at 5pm US MST.  This will remain the same as long as I have a buffer, if that runs out I will likely go to a Friday only release.

Thanks, hope you enjoy, and please rate/subscribe/comment!

- Goji