Blog - 12/26/19 - Update

12/26/19 - Update

by Gojitaka
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday.

MARx recently restarted and I was only able to complete 5 new issues and a holiday special, before I got hit with a lovely illness that really knocked me out for a few days... of course.  But I'm slowly getting back to my rhythm, the next issue is illustrated so a little while longer and that'll be out.  I also did some graphical revisions, mainly to the reINTRO section, and I'm creating YouTube versions of the animated issues for those who can no longer view flash, which will be linked on each of the animated comic pages.  And looks like I'll be able to create new animations for future issues, but they will continue to be short quips until I get familiar with the programs again.

Stay tuned for more!