Blog - 5/25/20 - SUMMER 2020 MARx UPDATE

5/25/20 - SUMMER 2020 MARx UPDATE

by Gojitaka
Hello all, hope you are enjoying MARx.  Couple of minor updates for the comic as we look ahead to the remainder of the year.

Summer is usually my busiest work season of the year and I normally do not work on any creative tasks during that time, but due to our unfortunate current events this season will be very light for me.  Thus, MARx will continue through the summer at its current schedule of 4-5 weekday updates at midnight.  We have an animated issue coming up very soon, and I am strongly considering increasing the frequency of illustrated issues.  Series 7 is on track to begin around mid-June, and we should be sitting around 200 completed issues by the time that one wraps up.  I am very glad the comic has continued for this long, and I look forward to continuing the story.

On the topic of story, I have had a couple questions recently regarding storyline connections between MARx and MA Classic.  Specifically about whether or not MARx is going to be retelling any of the same sequences that were in MA Classic.  Besides occasional "visual nods" and some similar lines here and there, MARx's storyline has very much been its own unique thing from the beginning and will not really be repeating anything that was seen in MA Classic.  This was the intent from early on in the comic's creation, and the main reason why I chose to add the subtitle "Redux."  It's presenting something familiar (reinvented main characters) in a new way (brand new story.)  So no, apart from minor nods, lines, or beats here and there, MARx is not retelling anything seen already.  It is on its own path, as Series 5 & 6 have emphasized recently.

Thank you to my continued readers, as well as my new recent subscribers!
Stay tuned for more, and stay healthy.

- Goji