Cast of Characters

隆弘  熊代 (Takahiro Kumishiro)
NICKNAMES: Taka, Tak, TK, Papi, Big Green
AGE: 24
SPECIES: Harinezumi
OCCUPATION: Game Programmer
SIGN: Harin (Pisces)
ENERGY: High moderate-level Chouki, low-level Nouki, unknown-level Kuraiki
BACKGROUND: Takahiro and his twin sister Tomoyo were taken in as children by their Uncle Morita, after their parents Jiro and Alita were killed in an accident.  Taka was trained by his uncle in the use of Chouki energy, and after Morita-sensei's passing he is one of the few remaining Chouki users.
Taka is impulsive and confrontational, but fiercely loyal to those he cares about.

小百合  あよ原 (Sayuri Ayohara)
NICKNAMES: Sayu, Sado, Mama, Deep Purple
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Harinezumi
SIGN: Panoi (Gemini)
ENERGY: Advanced-level Nouki
BACKGROUND: Sayuri was an orphan from Sendai, adopted by Morita-sensei as his daughter.  Though she studied with Taka and Tomo, she was trained specifically in Nouki, being able to read, control, and alter the minds and actions of others.
Sayu is short-tempered and has sadistic tendencies, but she possesses a bigger heart than she lets on.

信行  渡辺 (Nobuyuki Watanabe)
NICKNAMES: Nobu, Blu, Boo, Moody Blue
AGE: 26
SPECIES: Mangusu
SIGN: Genu (Sagittarius)
ENERGY: High moderate-level Kuraiki, moderate-level Nouki
BACKGROUND: Nobuyuki comes from the small town of Nanbu, where he was trained by Honzo-sensei in the dangerous art of Kuraiki.  After his master was killed in a battle with a warrior using Chouki, he is determined to find the person responsible for his death.
Nobu is very blunt and headstrong, in part due to his training with Kuraiki.  But there is far more to him than meets the eye.

怜奈  お菓子 (Reina Okashi)
NICKNAMES: Rei, Redhot, Reechan, Lil' Red
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Kitsune
SIGN: Makoe (Virgo)
ENERGY: Moderate-level Seiki, low-level Nouki
BACKGROUND: Reina is a healer from Eniwa who was trained in Seiki by her teacher Lee-sensei.  After his passing, she attempted to live on her own but grew frustrated with so few opportunities in her small town.  She moved to Daitoshi City in an attempt to make a better life for herself.
Rei is compassionate and good-natured, but sadly her innocence is often taken advantage of.
Kiyomi Ueno: A childhood friend of Taka and Sayu, a technical genius who owns a gadget shop and lab in Arihoru.  She is also the caretaker of Morita-sensei's old dojo, where much of the crew trained growing up.
Teruhiko Makino/Taeron: A childhood friend and former roommate of Taka and Sayu, a martial arts guru and Chouki user who becomes a powerful and dangerous warrior named Taeron after his body is hosted by the alien parasite Aeron.  Currently in stasis in Arihoru and monitored by Yomi.

Tomoyo Kumishiro
: Taka's twin sister, an athletic coach at Kitatoshi City Junior High.  She is also Chouki-trained, but unlike her brother she chooses not to maintain a consistent Chou Form.  Instead, she uses her energy for her signature "Tomodashi" ability, a rapid speed and agility enhancer.
Ayumi Kawada: A childhood friend of Taka and Sayu, a wellness and relaxtion specialist who owns a shop in Daitoshi City.  She is an absolute pacifist and, apart from some basic defense-level Nouki, has refused any form of combat training. Daisuke Matsumoto: The Tsukkomi half of the owarai duo "Nakama," co-host of the hugely popular variety show "Nakama wa Junbi ga Dekite Imasu" on Daito TV. Mayuki Yamasaki: The Boke half of the owarai duo "Nakama," co-host of "Nakama wa Junbi." Yokai: A reoccurring character on "Nakama wa Junbi," a ghost who chases Daisuke around and attempts to lick him.

 Sergeant Grey: The local sergeant of the Daitoshi City police force, nicknamed "Mr. Sarge," who is determined to expose Taka and Sayu for their frequent antics around town. Jun Tanaka: An employee of a local moving company who has developed a crush on Reina. Misako Amano: A young, chatty neighbor and "friend" of Taka, Sayu, and Tomo.  She looks up to them and is always trying to get into their business. Masaki Amano: Misako's older, more tempermental brother who owns and runs the Kaifuku Shitsu bar where Sayu works. Kyari: A superstar, pop singer, and tarento, who is famous for her colorful and vivid commericals and music videos.  Rei is a huge fan and obsessed with her. Nomi Itsuji: Ayumi's young niece who spends most of her time hanging out at the Big Battel Arcade near her Aunt's shop. Kenji Takemura: A no-nonsense club bouncer who assists the "Nakama" crew in their attempts to embarass Taka, after he bailed on their "No Laughing Challenge" episode. Akemi Mizuhara: A self-proclaimed "pain specialist" who assists the "Nakama" crew and Kenji with embarassing Taka. Mido-Chan: A green apple dango that appears on one of Rei's favorite shows on Daito TV, "OK! Mido-Chan Desu."  She often imagines him as "Mido-Plus," where he gains enhanced strength and speed. Ryota Itsuji: Nomi's father and Ayumi's brother-in-law, a workaholic line producer for several programs on Daito TV including "Nakama wa Junbi." Sensei Lee Shimura: A deceased master of Seiki who operated a healing house in Eniwa for several decades.  His death has deeply affected his former student Rei, as they were very close. Shiori Haneda: Nobu's childhood friend and current neighbor, who possesses low-level Seiki abilities. Sensei Morita Kumishiro/Morita-Machine v2.01376: A deceased master of both Chouki and Nouki who operated a dojo in Arihoru.  Sayu's adopted father, Taka and Tomo's uncle, and instructor to all three as well as Yomi, Teru, and Ayu.  After his passing, his brain has been kept in stasis, and interfaces with a computer dubbed the "Morita-Machine" to allow his consciousness to interact with and support his family.

"The Imaginarium:" The crew have random daydreams once in a while, and there are reocurring characters in their dreams.  Taka spaces out about Godzilla and The Red Demon.  Sayu imagines about Omega Ray Parker Jr. and Pepsiman.  Nobu thinks about the Enterprise and Ainsley Harriott.  And Rei dreams about Mido-Plus and Bully Cell.

ENERGY: Chouki (Super Energy)
KNOWN SKILLS: Muscular enhancement, speed and agility enhancement, flight, concentrated energy projectiles, strength aura.  Chou Form (sustained enhanced form,) Tomodashi (all Chouki within a user focused and released in an instant burst of extreme speed/agility.)

ENERGY: Nouki (Mind Energy)
KNOWN SKILLS: Mental, motor, and speech manipulation.  Pulse (one or two-way mental communication,) Sync (target mind is fully linked and under nouki user's control,) Project (mental projection of Nouki user, in the form of an Avatar, into a synced mind,) Wipe (short-term memory erasure,) Block (mental shield that prevents any access,) Lock (seals a synced mind or a particular aspect of a mind in a state of limbo,) Dive (specific memory search,) Self-Project (projects Nouki user's Avatar into their own mindscape,) Chouki-paired Self Project (if Nouki user is also a Chouki user, the Self-Projected Avatar can be enhanced with Chouki.)

ENERGY: Kuraiki (Dark Energy)
KNOWN SKILLS: Physical mutation, limb form alteration, flight, shield aura, aura booster.  Kurai Form (sustained corrupted form,) Kurai Essence (internal manifestation of Kuraiki energy within a user, focused around negative desires and emotions.)

ENERGY: Seiki (Holy Energy)
KNOWN SKILLS: Physical and injury restoration, new skin formation, negative ki removal.  Wave (amplified healing ability within a wide area,) Burst (focused, rapid healing for a smaller area such as a critical injury.)

ENERGY: Uchuuki (Alien Energy)
KNOWN SKILLS: Still currently unknown, appears to copy and mimic existing ki that it comes into contact with.  Brought to Mobius by the Aeron parasite, and first used by Taeron.