A modern sprite comic, presented in a fusion format with illustrations, graphic art, and animations.
A redux of the comic Mobius Adventures from 2006, featuring reinvented versions of the main cast in a new story



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Passing the torch.
Takahiro, Sayuri, and their friend Teruhiko run into trouble at the Mokuzai Badlands.
Taka and Sayu meet their new neighbor Reina in Daitoshi City.
Sayu's night at work leads to her meeting the mysterious Nobuyuki.
Rei joins Taka on his trip to the Daito TV studio in downtown Daitoshi.
Nobu makes a sudden move to confront Taka and Sayu in Mokuzai.
Sayu, Taka's sister Tomoyo, and their friend Kiyomi call for Rei's help in Arihoru.
Taka faces an unusual struggle within his mindscape while unconscious.


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